Life two realms:
A know, a contentment.

Know that people live to understand;
Contentment, people live flat.

Do not be controlled by life,
The one that determines your success is the struggle;
Do not be controlled by others,
Your own destiny
Do not be controlled by money,
Make sure you are happy and contented;

Do not be controlled by life,
It is open-minded to decide that you are happy;
Do not be controlled by life,
Decide that you are mature and see through.
Complaining is an infectious disease,
The death will be harmful,
Complaining will not improve their situation,
Will only make things worse.

The face of life in the unhappy,
Instead of choosing to complain, it is better to choose to let go.
Life will inevitably have unhappy,
If only in the struggle to complain,
Life is bound to be bitter sea without boundaries.

With swimming in the saliva of complaining,
It is better to board the Thanksgiving beach,
Everything in the burial life is unhappy.
most of the time,
We are living in the eyes of others,
Apprehension in the words of others,
Some want to say, want to do,
After all, misty in the eyes of the outside world,
Strangled in the fly of the criticism.
Do not care about how others say you, How to see you, those are the dust in the sun, Do not let it hinder your horizon, Restrained your walking. To be sure that you are you, Others will never be able to get involved with change. People can never deceive themselves. Probably people are like this, The more you want to prove yourself, the more you will lose yourself. So, Tanzania to go their own way, Do what you want to do, it is enough. This world, in fact, very simple, Life on the road, everyone carrying a basket, Go all the way All the way to pick up those fame and fortune into the basket, The more we get, the heavier our burden, Until it is difficult. We walked all the way, In the lonely looking for the United States, seeking hope. The most precious of life, Not the material rich, Smart people, everything is to benefit to think, People in the most powerful time, It is not the time to adhere to, but the time to put down. When you choose to vacate your hands, Who else can take away from your hands! Life is to know how to meet.
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