Love yourself, love others, love this world
Do what you like
Keep happy
5. Keep a positive attitude
6. Live in the moment, accept yourself
7. Feel good things when you are alone in a quiet place
8. Humour, funny comics, television, video, joke with friends
9. Smile, let the smile from your heart, flowing all over the body, distributed to your surroundings
10. Accept everything you have and experience
11. Listen to positive emotions, listen to wonderful music, to avoid the performance of negative emotions of music
12. Exercise can make blood flow, so that the body has a healthy vitality
13. Relax yourself and dance
14. Sing to express the good feelings
15. Encourage yourself, or encourage friends
16. Pray that your wish is to tell the universe or the gods
17. Read positive and motivating books
18. Praise you see, experience the good things and people
19. With the positive and optimistic people together
21. Do those things that make you feel good
22. Eat healthy food instead of junk food
23. With the innocent children in one together
24. Close contact with nature
25. Sleep enough and let yourself have enough rest
26. Reward yourself is to express their affirmation
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